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About Us

Established in 2003. Re-located to Northfield Avenue in 2011.

We are almost opposite Lammas park and are recognisable by our garden at the front, this being reclaimed from the concrete patch that still exists underneath the raised beds.

Transport and Parking

    • Street Parking

      Residents only restrictions apply between 9 and 10 am and between 3 and 4 pm. Please calculate the amount of time you need for your appointment.

      There are also a few 30 minute stop and shop places, but these can be a bit risky, depending on how long an appointment you booked.

      When calculating your parking times please take into account that the clinic can run a few minutes late at times

    • Bicycle

      A bike lock planter currently is to be found outside the clinic. Hidden in broad daylight, it is marked with this bicycle symbol and it is also recognisable by the bike-lock bars on either side.  Yet somehow,  is frequently missed!  Your bike should be safe and your insurance valid if it is locked to this planter with approved locks.

    • Public Transport

      Northfields station on the Piccadilly Line is 5 minutes walk to the south of us on Northfield Avenue.

      The E2 and E3 pass the clinic and we are midway between the stops for Northfelds Station (south of us) and Green Avenue (North of us). The safer stop is Northfields Station which has two crossing points between it and us.