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4 Mar 2018

Telephones, Weather, and On-Line Booking

Every so often our phone unfortunately goes down.  Most recently our East Anglia based reception team couldn’t all get to work for snow.

It’s always a time I remind you we have on-line booking, top right hand side tab of the website.   It’s tried and tested by our patents for about 9 years, and about 15% of our appointments are made that way.  A growing number, this is, from about one appointment a month when we first started with it.  People are starting to like and trust this the technology, and actually it is much more user friendly now than it was back then.

Whilst we don’t want to replace human beings with computers it’s nice to have both sometimes.

Our online booking is easy to sign up for.  It’s the best way to register yourself if you are a new patient because you will enter more of the details we collect than the receptionist can – saving time in the clinic.

If you are a new patient, or an existing patient who has never registered, click the Register Account button.  Beware, some of you registered ages ago and have forgotten you did so! If you encounter a blockage, do check!

The only real problem is if you are already our patient, and the email address we have on file for you is different to the one you are using…

In which case please wait for the receptionist to come back to work and we can fix that at your appointment!