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20 Mar 2018


3rd March 2017

We are very thankful to the vast majority of patients both new and regular who book appointments and keep them.  Because of them, we’ve avoided any pre-payment systems!

We really didn’t want the loss of mutual trust!

The fact is though, that missed appointments are a problem, and some people who may really need an appointment can’t book the one that is missed.

Therefore, for a trial period of 6 months, we have decided with new patients, to take a portion of the cost of the appointment as a pre-payment. 

We require 24 hours notice of cancellation, and so long as 24 hours notice is given, there will be no questions asked about returning the money.  (The actual money is stored separately for a few days, and easily reimbursed if you cancel.)

Over the weekend, I set this system up and it has been running on-line this week, and to my great surprise, the system works.  Other than a couple of human errors, hopefully I have rectified these now.

We have also been setting it up with telephone bookings.  So when you prefer to call to book, the receptionist will take your pre-payments.