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17 Jan 2018

Biomechanics and Gait Analysis Upgrade 2018

We have installed a stronger, faster treadmill.  A LifeFitness 95t, it runs up to 14mph, and takes a maximum body weight of 180kg.

We have also sourced camera equipment which obtains very sharp images moving at faster speeds and have made it compatible with our current software. (I have to say, what a learning curve this has been since I first stuck a video camera on a tripod and attached it to a laptop, many moons ago.)

Biomechanics treatments include gait re-education, custom made orthoses and review and recommendations about footwear and training

As of 17 January 2018, this equipment is in place.

If you don’t consider yourself a speedster, don’t let talk of “speed” put you off.  The treadmill won’t judge!  It will be perfectly happy with walkers, and anyone who struggles with walking.