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29 Jan 2018

Sterilised and Single Use Instruments.

You probably take it for granted that between patients we sterilise most of our instruments.  We steam heat them to 134 deg C for three minutes before using them on anyone else (actually, a similar process to a pressure cooker).  Any tools we use which are not sterilised beforehand, are disposable. ( Off hand, I think this is just the disposable foot file we sometimes use.)

Single use instruments, which have not been used on anyone else, are also available to podiatrists and are widely used in the NHS.  So I think it is appropriate to make these available to patients who prefer this concept.  Single use instruments  arrive in sterile packs in a box, and are disposed in a yellow sharps bin, and are destroyed by incineration.

We don’t yet know how many people will prefer single use instruments, so a small number have been ordered just to offer people a choice.

An additional charge of £12 will be made to cover the extra cost of purchase and disposal, and please do be aware that the tools themselves are not such good quality as those built to last.