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Our Prices

***From June 1st Chiropody and and Sports Massage prices will rise as follows:***
15 min appointments will go up by £1
30 min appointments by £2
45 min appointments by £3
60 minute appointments by £4

***Listed below are our prices until May 31st***.

We base most of our prices on a cost for “walking through the door” plus a fee for each 15min time slot, which is different for each specialism depending on the level of additional training required as well as equipment required

If you are new to the practice, you need at least 30 minutes for your first chiropody/biomechanics appointment, 45 for your first Sports Massage, and 90 min for your first Thai massage. You can have longer if you jiggle with the buttons on the on-line booking system (This may confuse us in the clinic, but we’ll work it out!), or ask the reception when you book.

Our prices are be based on:

Sports Massage £16 + £14 per 15min (minimum 30min = £44.00)

Chiropody £17 + £15 per 15min (minimum 15min = £32)


First Appointment up to 30 min £47 Includes assessment and treatment up to 30 min
Follow-on Appointments up to 15 min £32  (simple nails or a single corn or callus)
30 min £47 (The most frequently chosen duration)
45 min £62  (45-60 min is recommended for people who need a lot of work done.  Longer appointments by arrangement, just add £15.00 per 15 min)
60 min £77


First Appointment £94
Follow-on Appointments up to 30 min £56
45 min £75
60 min £94 (£140) Bracket price includes extra treadmill and/or camera


First Appointment up to 30 min £47 Includes preliminary assessment.
Follow-on Appointments up to 15 min £32
 Cryospray, optional Small/large cap £12/£18 each
 Swift course of three appointments with one final follow up £400
Additional Swift treatment £75 each

Thai Massage

Standard Routine 90 min £85 Includes preliminary assessment
Customised Routine 90 min £95 Limited availability

Sports Massage

First Appointment 45 min £58 Includes assessment and treatment up to 30 min
Follow On Appointments 30 min £44
45 min £56
60 min £72

Other fees which may apply

Gait Analysis £135
Prefabricated orthoses from £40
Custom MadeOrthoses from £520 Includes measurements, casting, fitting and adjustments within 3 months (Optional life time guarantee against shell breakage is available with some manufacturers).
Recast for new Orthoses £139  Including fitting and making right up to three months
Second pair of Custom Orthoses (RX) from £250

The appointment time includes a certain amount of admin and any time taken to keep your notes up to date. All fees payable on the day. Late cancellations and and missed appointments are charged the full fee.