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30 Sep 2014


Chiropody appointments treat problems with skin and nail  on the feet.  These problems may include ingrown toe-nails, long or thick toe-nails, corns and calluses, and they can often be treated on your first appointment.

Like hair, these are no-longer living tissues. As they contain no nerves, soreness is felt as theskin underneath and around the lesion becomes irritated.  It is better to come before this irritation leads problems with fitting shoes and your daily movements.

Chiropody is also helpful if you are unable to reach your feet and need someone you do this regular maintenance for you.


Injuries, shoes (even sensible ones) and a lack of space around our feet causing.  If you are able to treat the cause, the problems grow back more slowly.

Some medical conditions also contribute include:

– arthritis which damages the shape,
– diabetes which changes the sensory information your brain receives, as well as the signals sent from your brain to your feet. It also damages your immune system and can lead to problems with the skin repairing itself.
– Certain medications make the skin vulnerable including steroids, warfarin and others
– Some of these conditions require extra information information to be collected usually at annual intervals. (See High Risk Foot Check). We may also advise you to attend more regularly.

What to bring
Typical shoes
Your medical history and list of any medications you take

Brenda and Jo


Between patients, we sterilise most instruments to 134 deg C for three minutes, and everything else is single use.

If you prefer a complete set of single use instruments, which have also been sterilised, but which have ever been used on other people, please let us know at your appointment.

An additional fee applies, and there is a slight loss of quality to these instruments.