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30 Sep 2014

What we offer and what we don’t offer..

This page replaces one I had about high risk and diabetic feet which explained what we can do to help these conditions.

I have removed it because I have begun to notice that we may be inadvertently turning into an alternative A&E for feet.

And we  really can’t become an A&E because we don’t have access to scans, blood tests and we are not multi-diciplinary and we don’t have a doctor.  I’m sure there are 50 other reasons.

So please, if there is any doubt and you have something our of the ordinary that is not mentioned on these “we offer” pages, do drop me an email before coming.  This may include acute trauma, medical conditions or medical reports.  Anything that is going to require extra medical tests, or paperwork over and above what is included in the appointment  time.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t help you, it’s just that we can advise you wether to make the booking, and can pre-warn you about what you can and cannot help you with.

We can almost certainly help with any on-going management of chronic conditions.

But it’s a matter of timing…During an acute phase, and whilst there is a real need for tests and diagnoses, it may be best to first consider NHS Choices for comprehensive information, get checked out at with your GP, call 111, or visit A&E.