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30 Sep 2014

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage is a very effective treatment for “knots” and tight muscles.  It is most beneficial for muscles that feel stiff but improve when moved or applied with heat.  It accurately follows tightest structures, and works to loosen them, be they the sheets of fascia under the skin, or specific muscles.  Ligaments around joints may also be massaged, or “rocked”, too free them up.

This is a very deep massage, given to relieve pain and help movement.  

(On some occasions, for example with recently injured tissue or following deep emotional trauma, the massage can be far more gentle than was just described..)

It is normally done on a massage couch but for very deep treatment to the back, or for easier access to the arms, a floor mat can be used.

Patients with severe swelling or oedema in the legs and ankle may also benefit from deep massage, even though the therapy is not specifically developed for them.

You can feel tired and groggy after a deep sports massage and sometimes sore for a several days. 

Soon after the first 1-2 appointments, the largest muscles will normally begin to relax and the massage will become more focused on particular points of tension.

Although some people need regular treatment, with deep sports massage many people only come for only 2-4 appointments or until the symptoms of pain or stiffness are relived.

What to bring
Cotton Clothing

Medical history particularly that affecting your circulatory, musculoskeletal and nervous systems