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30 Sep 2014

Verruca Treatments including SWIFT Microwave Therapy

Verrucae are warts on the soles of feet caused by the same virus as warts on the palms of hands. It is frequently assumed that they are caught in damp places such as swimming pools and showers. 

They enter the skin through damage to the surface, but this damage need only be tiny:  a virus is small enough to enter our DNA.  Sometimes, verrucae infect more obvious areas of damage such corns or callus or blisters.  

Some people are more prone to them than others. Children get verrucas more frequently than adults, but the often get rid of them more quickly too.  They are harder to treat if the immune system is compromised in any way.

Veruccae range in size from small and flat, to large and crusty.

Though they are occasionally painful and they are not attractive, they do you no long-term harm and vanish without a trace when finally they do go.

You may consider treating the verrucae if they are painful, unsightly, and fear of them spreading to yourself and others.

SWIFT Microwave Technology for Veruccae and Warts (pictured top) promises better success rate than any previous verruca treatments, research shows up to 80% gone after 8 treatments or less.

It is momentarily the sensation of a hot needle for many people, and we do not use it on young children.

CRYOPEN reduces many of the problems associated with traditional freezing or acids.  It has very low risks and is much less painful than traditional freeze because the healthy skin surrounding the verruca need not be damaged.  Though there may be blisters, these tend to be small, and gone within a few days.

Rare risks (we haven’t seen them) include pigment changes, damage to hair or nails if done too close to the nail, and temporarily altered sensations.



If you prefer to use acids and traditional freezing, they are included in the basic appointment fee.

Basic fees

Initial appointment is 30 minutes New a Patient appointment at £47.00
Follow-ups approximately every 2 weeks depending on treatment:
15 minutes at £32  (maximum 3 veruccae)
30 minutes £47

Additional fee for CRYOPEN:

Small capsule (children) £6
Large capsule £12

Fee for SWIFT

Your initial assessment is £49

An initial course of three treatments and one review £400.  (The current protocol has these treatments spaced monthly with a three month break to the review, however there is some flexibility in this)

Any additional treatments are required after this course, £75 each.