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We offer a range of services and treatments

Maybe you know exactly what you need. But some of our treatments offer alternative ways of treating the same thing. So have a read through, listen to your body to see what you think it most needs – loosening up or supporting. Stretching or kneading. If you aren’t sure, please do get in touch.

  • Dry needling is a modern version off acupuncture used by Western health practitioners - doctors, physios, podiatrists, and others. How does it work? Tiny, thin, high quality needles which cause minimal discomfort are briefly inserted… ..Read More

  • We have a selection of products for sale to our patients. Dr's Remedy Enriched Nail Polish Dr’s remedy, new in our clinic and already proving very popular, is an enriched Nail Polish with a blend… ..Read More

  • Fungal nails have a crumbly texture and a brown-ish yellow-ish colour that gradually creeps through the nail.  In severe cases there is a distinctive odour.  Usually a fungal infection enters a damaged of nail, such as occurs… ..Read More

  • Skin and Nails Children come to the clinic for a variety of reasons.  The most common include ingrowing toe-nails, veruccas and problems related to flat feet Biomechanics and the Developing Foot Children's  bones occasionally grow… ..Read More

  • Verrucae are warts on the soles of feet caused by the same virus as warts on the palms of hands. It is frequently assumed that they are caught in damp places such as swimming pools… ..Read More

  • We provide home visits for patients who prefer to be seen at home or who cannot get to the clinic. The range of treatments includes nails, hard skin and corns. If you need special equipment… ..Read More

  • Ingrowing or thickened nails occasionally need to be removed under local anaesthetic.  They affect adults and children. Nail surgery is often not needed, many in-growing nails can be managed without. But if it is required,… ..Read More

  • Sports Massage is a very effective treatment for "knots" and tight muscles.  It is most beneficial for muscles that feel stiff but improve when moved or applied with heat.  It accurately follows tightest structures, and… ..Read More

  • Thai Massage opens the joints and stretches all the muscles through all the body. It usually leaves you feeling tired but energised. It is done on a large floor mat and the "energy" lines of… ..Read More

  • This page replaces one I had about high risk and diabetic feet which explained what we can do to help these conditions. I have removed it because I have begun to notice that we may… ..Read More

  • We are fully functional for gait analysis at the moment, but hope to relaunch with a stronger, faster treadmill and higher performance cameras in Mid January 2018. Biomechanics treatments are for problems on the inside… ..Read More

  • Chiropody appointments treat problems with skin and nail  on the feet.  These problems may include ingrown toe-nails, long or thick toe-nails, corns and calluses, and they can often be treated on your first appointment. Like hair, these… ..Read More